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cinch.skirt was designed and developed by a leading interior design professional in the hospitality industry as a solution to the cumbersome hotel guest room bed skirt. cinch.skirt is a patent-pending bed-wrap made of proprietary fabric that stretches around the outside of the foundation to give it a finished look.

Its innovative design fits snugly around the box spring without the need for complicated bed measurements. It was created to reduce operational inconveniences by adding more functionality and durability than a traditional bed skirt while giving the bed a fresh and modern design aesthetic. The collection of both knit and woven textured fabrics were created as a durable solution able to withstand commercial washing and drying. cinch.skirt is suited to fit any make, model, or bed size and is offered in 3 patterns that can also be uniquely custom colored to compliment any design scheme. cinch.skirt's proprietary fabric also passes and exceeds all industry testing requirements.

*All cinch.skirt products meet the new Cal/OSHA housekeeping standards.

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Krista LaRusso
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Owner/Creator/Interior Designer